18 March, 2004

Way to go, Mel!!


On one of my other blog sites(a political site with the viewpoint of an Independent Moderate and an anti-war slant.), I have a list of 100 Things About Me, and someone had commented about me including Mel Gibson as one of my favorite actors, saying that Gibson is pro-war. I had replied to that critic by saying that I do not chose actors by their political stance. Which is still true. However, I am pleased to announce that Gibson is now speaking out against Bush and his war on Iraq. In this article, Gibson says, ďItís all to do with these weapons (of mass destruction) that we canít seem to find, and why did we go over there?Ē You go, Mel!

Hopefully more and more people who were once big supporters of Bush will start questioning his policies and his "lies" about Iraq. It is important that people open their eyes and stop using Party Loyalty as their excuse to support Bush. We should be loyal to America and our Constitution, not to one particular political party.

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