27 February, 2004

Some Random Thoughts

Congrats Rosie and Kelli!

Congrats to Rosie and Kelli O'Donnell for their WEDDING in SF yesterday! What an amazing couple they are: partners for 6 years and raising 4 kids together. Now THAT is committment! Although it may have been an act in defiance of Bush's Marriage Amendment proposal, it is still an awesome celebration!

Way to go Mayor Jason West!

Jumping on the bandwagon, Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, NY began marrying gay couples today! So far, he has married 19 couples. This is a steamroller that will not and cannot be stopped now! Look out Bush, the MARRIED Gay couples are a comin'!!

William Rivers Pitt's Comments on "The Passion of the Christ"

I just finished reading an excellent editorial by William Rivers Pitt of It is entitled, 'The Passion' of the Americans, and in it, Pitt goes into details about how hypocritical Gibson is for casting a white, European as Jesus. Pitt says, The whiteness of the cast, however, speaks to a decidedly un-Christian truth that lies near the heart of this republic. Simply put, nailing a white Jesus Christ to the cross on film will generate a far more emotional response from the American viewing public than the crucifixion of a savior who actually looks like he is from the Middle East. This is especially true since we are at war with our Middle Eastern neighbors. Heaven knows Americans would never sympathize with someone who looks like bin Laden or Saddam Hussein! It doesn't even matter that Jesus probably did more closely resemble those two than the European portraying him in "The Passion".

Pitt also goes on to slam Bush for his unChrist-like warmongering and other christians who agreed with and continue to encourage this war-behavior. Jesus was a pacifist and would have certainly not approved of this behavior.

It never ceases to amaze me how some christians can claim to love Jesus so much and yet, they continue to live wealthy lives, forgetting the poor and suffering amongst us. And they encourage wars with our "enemies" even when Jesus said to love our enemies. I am pretty sure if Jesus were alive and walking amongst us today, he would be called a bleeding-heart liberal for wanting to help the poor, a socialist for wanting everyone to give up all their material wealth and just help one another, and then, crucified all over again. It also makes me wonder if most Christians even know who and what Jesus was REALLY all about. When you see them pull up in front of their fancy churches in fancy cars, dressed in fancy clothes, it makes you stop and wonder. It also makes you stop and wonder when Christians discriminate against people who are not just like them when Jesus' only requirement to be with HIM was to give up all and follow him. He didn't care what race you were, what color of your skin, what religion you were, what sexual preference you were. All he cared about was getting his message of pacifism and LOVE out to the world. All of that changed, though, with the writings of Paul. However, I will save that sermon for another day! (laughs)

OMFG! Teachers are Terrorists?

Yes, you heard me right! From the Democratic Party newsletter: "This week, Bush's Education Secretary Rod Paige shocked the nation when he compared America's teachers to terrorists. In a closed-door meeting with the nation's governors, Secretary Paige referred to the National Education Association, which represents 3 million teachers, as a "terrorist" organization." This is getting way out of hand! Who are these Repugs going to call terrorists next? Watch out people, your chosen religion, hobby, job or social organizations could soon be called terrorists too! And please, don't exercise your FREEDOM of Speech and Assembly rights or you may end up on their TERRORISM Alert list!

And now, this Pagan Buddhist bids you all a fair adieu.

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